One of the prime objectives in managing Hermanusdoorns is to enhance shareholder value by ensuring that it remains a pristine conservation area within the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve. This includes ensuring that the surrounding area also remains geared towards conservation and run on the principles of a Biosphere Reserve.

Michelle Thorn is currently studying carnivores in the Waterberg, especially carnivore - human conflict and has published her first findings together with a request for information on sightings in the Waterberg. In addition, the EWT Carnivore Conservation Programme, in collaboration with the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, has embarked on two key initiatives: the first being a citizen science trail camera survey and the second a photographic project, with the aim of better managing the human-wildlife conflict in the area. For further details please refer to this news item from the EWT.

An interesting document on Ecologically Sound Management of Ectoparasites and Oxpeckers forwarded via WNC is also available for reading. Those shareholders interested in birds will have noticed the increase in frequency of red-billed oxpecker sightings over the last few years as they re-establish themselves back in the area.

A number of studies have been undertaken on the farm over the recent past to provide expert guidance to managing the veld and stock levels. One of the visible outcomes is the focus over the last few years in clearing the veld of Sekelbos.

Recent Studies

The Endangered Wildlife Trust has a working group monitoring Birds of Prey, which also includes owls. Their website contains an interactive zoomable map that allows one to zoom right down to the farm to mark sightings. All birders on the farm are encouraged to log their bird of prey sightings in the appropriate link to the EWT site.

Further items of conservation interest relating specifically to the Waterberg appear in either the minutes of the general meetings or in the regular newsletters of the Waterberg Nature Conservancy.

Release of giraffe 05/08/2004Woodland Kingfisher ( W. Malan )