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  • Posted 05/05/10 - 146mm of rain was recorded for April. The streams are all running as seen in the below contribution by Pat Smith together with a few published under Rainfall. 

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  • Posted 29/04/10 - A game capture exercise took place on 30 March with 15 impala rams and 69 ewes caught.
  • Posted 29/04/10 - Please be aware that the staff quarters are off-limits to shareholders. There have been a few incidents in the recent past of interference with staff. 
  • Posted 29/04/10 - Shareholders are reminded again always to line their bins with plastic bags before filling them with refuse, in order to eliminate refuse being blown off the back of the bakkie during refuse removal. Plastic bags designed to fit in the refuse bins are available from Snoepie. 
  • Posted 29/04/10- Please be aware that materials from the farm ( eg rocks etc ) may not be utilized by shareholders for building projects etc. The rules of the farm will be ammended to this effect.
  • Posted 02/02/10 - The name boards at the farm entrance have been moved to provide better visability. Reflective tape was installed together with lights.   
  • Posted 01/02/10 - A brilliant photo was submitted by Sydney & Louisa Gericke of the new nyala calf - clearly a bull and it has been included in the Photo Gallery. 
  • Posted 20/01/10 - It was resolved at a Board Meeting on 20 January that "For Sale" signs for sites on the farm were unsightly and were no longer permitted to be displayed by shareholders. They would receive notice to take down the signs, failing which, farm management would remove them. 
  • Posted 25/11/09 - The first impala and blesbok births of the season were noticed on Monday. 
  • Posted 20/11/09 - Despite an earlier appeal, some shareholders still expect their visitors to ring at the entrance gate for it to be opened by the farm manager. Please stop this practice immediately as it is not the duty of the farm manager to open the gates. We are working hard at improving the cellular coverage on the farm, and there is light at the end of the tunnel, but in the meantime it is still possible for visitors to SMS eg when leaving Vaalwater and shareholders can meet them at the gate 20 min later. 
  • Posted 07/11/09 - An eland calf was born during the week of 25 October. There were also 3 seperate sightings of tortoise in different places on the farm which is a bit of a rare sight. 
  • Posted 06/10/09 - A new bank account has been opened up for payment receipts for building activities including maintenance. Details are on the Banking web-page. 
  • Posted 19/09/09- All payments for levy, electricity, house cleaning, laundry etc are to be made into the same bank account. The account number is the same as the one previously used for levy payments. See details under Banking / Invoicing. 
  • Posted 15/12/07 - A link with Emergency Numbers has been added. This has doctor, hospital, pharmacy and police numbers in the Thabazimbi and Ellisras areas taken from the website www.limpopohappenings.co.za. other useful information is also available on this website. 
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