1.    Domestic workers and cleaning of homes can be arranged with the farm management if required.  

2.    Place refuse in plastic dustbin bags in dustbins for easy disposal. Two separate dustbins must be utilized – one for glass and tin and the other for waste for burning, 

3.    No unaccompanied guests are allowed on the farm. A shareholder or shareholder's representative must be present at all times. Shareholders will be held responsible for the behaviour of their guests.  

4.    No domestic animals or pets may be brought to the farm. 

5.     Braai-fires may not be left unattended. 

6.    Loud music is not allowed.  

7.    Respect the property of other shareholders.  

8.    Respect the privacy of other shareholders.  

9.    Do not scare or chase wild animals.  

10. Avoid shining bright lights into the eyes of animals on night-drives.  

11. Report sick or injured animals to the farm manager.  

12. Avoid the unnecessary killing of reptiles and crawling insects.  

13. Vehicles must keep to the roads. Driving in the veldt is prohibited.  

14. Lighting of fires in the veldt is prohibited.  

15. Dung beetles have the right of way.  

16. No wood is to be picked up. Wood for braais may be purchased at the tuckshop..  

17. Do not waste water.  

18. Adhere to the speed limit ( 25km/h ) at all times.  

19. Motorbikes, quad-bikes and go-carts are not allowed.  

20. Firearms may not be used unless approved by the directors, except in emergencies.  

21. Do not  litter.  

22. Trees and plants may not be damaged.  

23. Be aware of veldfires.  

24. Tampering with electrical substations and wiring is prohibited.  

25. Shareholders are responsible for allowing entrance and exit for their guests at all times.  

26. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to tamper with the main gate. In the event that the gate is faulty, call the manager via the intercom.  

27. Caravans parked on the property must be in an enclosed garage and may not be used to house persons on the farm 

28. All vehicles used on the farm – other than to travel from the gate to the shareholder dwelling – must be registered with the farm and must be legally registered with the relevant vehicle authorities 

29. Use of private generators is NOT permitted 

30. Swimming in the Waterbuck Pan near the hide is forbidden together with playing in the dam.  

31. It is forbidden to tow anyone on any board or other implement on the farm roads.