Service Providers

A number of shareolders have requested a listing of potential service providers in the area that have been "recommended" by members who have used them previously for general maintenance activities and who were happy with their performance.

Those suppliers listed below have been provided by shareholders and are not necessarily a recommendation by the board.

Please forward any useful contacts ( tilers, plumbers, electricians etc ) in order for us to develop a more comprehensive list.


ULUNDI electrical (Pty) Ltd - Jan Heysteck 082 962 5935 has done work on the farm for the last 6 years, both for the company and individual shareholders and comes highly recommended. His email address is janheystek59@gmail.com or ulundi.electrical@gmail.com.

Lion Hearted Maintenance & Construction - John & Sean Leonard 082 296 2993 / 082 782 7349 ( Used by shareholders and recommended )


Sydney 083 694 1946 - recommended as excellent for new works, repair and wire-meshing by a shareholder who has utilized him as reliable and reasonably priced.


Installation, inspection, compliance certification of lightning conductors. Conductors for Africa CC have carried out quite a bit of work on the farm. Contact Dave on 082 850 3817 or at conductors@mweb.co.za.