Tree Identification

A special interest group for tree identification on the farm has been initiated and is open to anyone who might like to start learning more about trees on the farm and learn how to identify them  (including trees around their houses ). A general tree list for the area is included under Species Lists ( but is by no means complete ). The list is being continuously updated by the interest group and marked with trees identified on the farm.

There are a fair number of at least 3 of the South African Protected Tree species on the farm - Sclerocarya birrea subsp. caffra ( Marula ), Combretum imberbe ( Leadwood ) and Arcacia erioloba ( Camel Thorn ).

Vitex Pooara

Tree tags are available from the farm manager. There is still a stock of older plastic green tags available at R 10 each, while additional, newer aluminium tags are available at R 25 each.