Waterberg Nature Conservancy


The Waterberg Nature Conservancy was formed in 1989 among 3 landowners, Lapalala Wilderness, Touchstone Game Reserve, and Kwalata and today consists of in the region of 60 members who support the following objectives:

  • To promote, conserve and protect the fauna, flora and wilderness areas, historical sites, river systems and natural heritage sites within the Waterberg Mountains.
  • To promote the awareness of environmental issues by way of education, research, sustainable utilisation and tourism.
  • To promote the upliftment, education and needs of the people employed within the Conservancy and surrounding rural communities.
  • To promote, support or oppose legislation or other measures affecting the Conservancy and its members.
  • To represent its members in dealing with government departments, other authorities and the public generally and to do all such things as may be in the interests of the Conservancy.

As we subscribe to these objectives, Hermanusdoorns is a member and was kindly given permission by the WNC to re-produce all the newletters published by the Conservancy since 2008 so that all shareholders might be able to access them. These are published quarterly and contain items of great interest to those that love the Waterberg. In addition, The Waterberg Nature Conservancy holds quarterly general meetings in Vaalwater and all shareholders are welcome to attend, although voting is restricted to the board or it's nominees.

The WNC also has a website containing newsletters and other interesting articles on the Waterberg.

Attached are also a few of the minutes of meeting held by the WNC. As can be seen, various local topics of interest to those that love the Waterberg are covered: